Smoking Expense Tracker

People Centred Research kicked off with a brief presentation from Falck about their objectives, services and future growth opportunities. The brief centred around COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)—its causes, effects and solutions around generating awareness about the disease. The course spanned over 2 weeks. The first week was dedicated to desktop research and a holistic overview of COPD and smoking, followed by interview techniques and observation tools. The team decided to explore Smoking and its Early Prevention.

The statement of intent to guide the project was to “understand how people perceive their smoking habits and its effects.” The team’s main questions revolved around the factors that contribute to development of smoking as a habit, what prevents smokers from quitting, and the level of awareness around the health consequences. Research methods included in-depth interviews with four people, twenty intercept interviews, and fly-on-the-wall observations. The team video-documented the interview, took notes, and gave out a small relevant activity for the four interviewees.

Important quotes were collected from the interviews that related to the team’s research area, which were then synthesized into insights — People’s decisions to continue or quit are influenced more by first-hand experience than knowledge of health risks” and “People allow the health efforts they make in other parts of their life to compensate for their lack of willpower”.

After investigating potential problem areas, a pool of roughly 100 ideas were brainstormed and narrowed down into three succinct ideas – “a kiosk that dispenses singular cigarettes”, “thinner and shorter cigarettes that satisfy the habit but aren’t as damaging” and “a personalized smoking tracker that motivates the user to cut down progressively”. Each idea was expanded into a detailed storyboard that illustrated the scenario and the interaction of the product.

The final concept was the idea of a tracker that analyzes the users’ current spending habits around smoking to set personalized goals and helps motivate them to cut down to realise short term goals like bikes, vacation, etc.