Breathing Forest

For the People-Centered Research course, CIID partnered with Falck to conduct research on COPD-prone groups. The student team sought to understand the ways of detecting or preventing COPD at an early phase for smokers in CPH and understand how it might affect their daily lives.


From the desk research, the team concluded that there are many diseases that share similar symptoms and effects to COPD. The team then conducted in-depth interviews with a retired school teacher suffering from COPD, sales manager with bronchitis, a nurse who smokes often, and a schoolgirl with diabetes. An ‘Emotional Seismograph’ tool was used in the interviews to find out patterns for change in the emotional state throughout the day based on their disease. Also, for the smokers, an ‘Event Map’ tool was created to map out important events in their life with their smoking habits.

The team asked four smokers to write a Smoker Diary — make a photo, add short description and emoji each time they smoke to represent how they feel, which helped derive patterns between emotional state, events, daily habits, and frequency of smoking.


After analyzing and synthesizing all the data collected during the investigation part, the team decided to explore the opportunity of encouraging COPD patients to check their lung health regularly on their own and to be proud of their achievements for getting motivated to continue improving their health.


An Ideation session was held in which all students brainstormed together across the how-might-we statement and provided a wide range of ideas. After that, the team clustered the ideas together and narrowed down to the final conceptual solution, the Breathing Forest App.

Breathing Forest is an application which comes with a device that helps you testing and improving your lung capacity in a goal-oriented way. The goal to achieve is to test daily your lung capacity and compare your result with the results of similar people in the community. In addition to that, you collect points by regularly checking your lungs healthy. You can redeem these points to plant an actual tree in your neighbourhood. This helps achieve the motto of the app that “The more you breathe, the more our planet breathes”.