Touching tips

In essence the two users simply complete a circuit by touching their thumbs and forefingers together, causing an LED on each ‘glove’ to light up. However, there is something in the placing of electronics onto the body that helps to imbue a sense of fun and curiosity into the user, which led to an exploration of how else the circuit might be used or completed. One of the most interesting being the use of the glove as a multimeter in order find dead connections in the wiring of other experiments (such as the piano skateboard).
The key learning from this project is that it isn’t always the complexity or specificity of a circuit that makes it interesting, it is also the context that it is being used in. The glove still uses the same fingertip interface as a touchscreen, but the wearability of the glove makes it feel like the technology is an extension of you, rather than simply an external object to interact with.