Textile Weight Scale

The topic of this week was to learn the basics of electronics and to apply this knowledge to build simple circuits using some sensors and new materials with peculiar properties such as conductive and resistive fabrics, copper tape, memory-shape alloys and many others. The aim of the first two assignments was to produce and play with sounds.

In the first exercise, every team was given a piano toy to discover what was inside and how to possibly hack the circuit to play the piano with different inputs.

As a second assignment, every team had to build a speaker using different materials. The result of this assignment is a notebook with a built-in speaker circuit on its back.

Textile weight scale

The final project of the week was a weight scale made using a resistive fabric as sensor and five LEDs providing the feedback on the weight. The weight scale as been calibrated to sense weight up to 1 kg so each LED lights up every 200 g.