SoundCircuit is an exploration of sound synthesis using only circuit components. It is a self-contained synthesizer running on a single 9-volt battery outputting sound through a small speaker. When powered on, it plays a constant tone which can be adjusted by manipulating the chain of capacitors. By opening and closing the flow of current through different capacitors, various patches can be made. These sounds can be further altered by using the tone and volume sliders.

For musicians changing sounds more frequently, SoundCircuit also has a controller. The left side of the controller is made up of four buttons, acting like a keyboard. When a button is pressed, the circuit is closed and the current flows through a different set of capacitors, producing a unique tone. The right side of the controller consists of the volume slider and the tone slider. This creates an interface abstracted away from the circuitry of the SoundCircuit aimed at making sound synthesis easier to pick up.

Following the flow of the circuit helps gain a deeper understanding of electronics and sound synthesis. Since the SoundCircuit sits entirely exposed, the wires can be traced through all of the various components in order.