Hidden Message & The Barn

The Materials of Electronics class was aimed for the students to explore how to build circuits and use different electronic materials and components like conductive fabric, paper, conductive paints and many more. The final presentation format was a short demo of the project students made while exploring the materials they loved.

The Barn is a one-day project, built from the circuits of a dismantled children’s keyboard in Materials of Electronics class.  Three phototransistor sensors are attached to the circuit responsible for producing animal sounds. Once the sensors are activated by a laser, The Barn comes to life, emitting a ruckus of animal sounds.

Hidden Message was inspired by the ‘Marauders Map’ from the Harry Potter series. The concept is that the poster will sense someone standing in front of it,  and reveal to them a surprise message. For the circuit, an infrared sensor was used to detect when someone is in the proximity of the device. This would trigger another circuit to pass high voltage current through a wire shaped into text. The current heats up the wire, allowing the message to emerge through the conductive paint poster it was hidden behind.