Hang Light

Instead of shuffling through hangers, or looking for an empty remaining hangar hidden amongst piles of winter coats, the Hang Light smart hanger makes it easier to see if there are any available hangers by lighting up. When a jacket is placed on the hanger, the light then turns off. On a coat rack, it then becomes easy to see at a glance if there are any available hangars left available for use. The team was inspired to think of this as a solution due to limited coat space on the first floor of CIID.

The Hang Light smart hanger works with the help of a pressure sensor. The sensor was created by sandwiching multiple layers of felt and conductive fabric. A particular pressure threshold was set for the sensor beyond which it turns into a conductive medium and completes the circuit. An LED was placed in parallel with the sensor in the circuit which glows when the hanger is empty and turns off when something is placed on it.