[Dis]appear is an exploration in thermochromic paint and electronic circuitry.  We set out to discover how thermochromic pigment behavior changes based on the shape of design, texture of paint, and additional paint or writing materials used. The purpose of this exploration was to build familiarity with the medium so as to be able to incorporate it into future projects. Juliana hopes to incorporate thermochromic pigments into a future interactive mural in a public space. Federico is fascinated by the potential of this paint, as well as other electronic materials, to shift design away from digital mediums.Rina hopes to create interactive non-screen installation.

We used thermochromic pigment, white acrylic paint, sharpie, and pencil to create designs in our paper booklet. We used copper wire, battery power, and tape to run a current through each page.  The same shape has been painted with different tools and techniques, and the wire laid in the varying pattern to explore the interaction between the two.