Mr. Word

Mr. Word is a chatbot with a strong personality and a good sense of improvisation. The reason is that Mr. Word learned how to communicate watching movies and following Donald Trump on twitter. As a product of his non recommendable learning environnement, Mr. Word has a bad tendency to offense and show threatening behaviours to those who converse with him, often showing signs of aggression and misogyny towards his interlocutors.

Nevertheless, Mr. Word seems to have a good sense of timing against of odds, and uses it to bring a little quirkiness to his exchanges. For example, seconds after he was born, he proceeded to introduce himself to the world:

“Hello, I am I? Mr. Word, it’s no MAJOR!”.

Although it appears that this sense of timing sometimes take darker turns. When talking to Reuben, he also said:

” I feel like Mr Reubon’s killer”…

Built using a recurrent neural network, Mr. Word is an exploration into the personality of chatbots. Due to his machine learning nature, Mr. Word doesn’t just repeat lines that have been prepared in advance, he generates his own speech after being seeded a few words by his operator. But while the words are his own, the experiment revealed that the ideas and values present in his discourse are inevitably a reproduction of those present in the training set.

With the current efforts toward building AIs that behave and improvise like humans would, this experiment poses the question of what will be defined as appropriate human examples for our machines to learn from and what could be the consequence of the implicit bias nested inside these examples once an AI takes inspiration from them.