Synthetic Natural

“Imagine the mRNA to be like a long piece of magnetic recording tape, and the ribosome to be like a tape recorder. As the tape passes through the playing head of the recorder, it is ‘read’ and converted into music, or other sounds… When a ‘tape’ of mRNA passes through the ‘playing head’ of a ribosome, the ‘notes’ produced are amino acids and the pieces of music they make up are proteins.”

In his book Gödel, Escher, Bach, Douglas Hofstadter draws analogies between genes and music. Inspired by the research, Synthetic Natural attempts to translate gene data into music.

Given that the repetition process governs both the musical composition and DNA sequence construction, the designer tried to turn gene patterns into melodies and rhythms using her own DNA data through programming. Synthetic Natural, therefore, presents an audio-visual experience of a biological symphony.