Motionscape is a playful, musical note emitting tool that is developed using Processing programming language. 

The tool makes use of motion sensor capability to track your body movement and lets you control a yellow ball on the screen. The input comes from people when they move in front of the computer and the screen is vertically divided into six parts, each representing an instrument. The amusing part is to keep the yellow ball in the desired part of the screen and play the instrument you want to produce a soundscape with.

The soundscape notes are produced by the mapped dataset of CO2 emission of Denmark in 2014. A Processing programme read the dataset and is linked to LNX software where the soundscape composition is located. Sine waves are generated based on the data and are converted to MIDI and mapped to sound effects using LNX software.The main objective of the course was to learn Processing programming language and have an introduction to sound and make the two interact with one another.

The project was presented as a live performance “Lost in the Dark” at the end of the course.