Conflicting Soundscapes

How can human influence shakeup the soundscape of daily life? How does a construction site wreak havoc on the calming sounds of wind chimes? Conflicting Soundscapes is a one-week programming project that explores the collision of sounds that we hear on a daily basis.

The intention of this project is to allow the listener to reflect on both the pleasant sounds of nature, as well as the more abrasive ones created by the industrial world.

To explore, the listener is able to scroll through 9 distinct boxes, each of which is represented by an image. When a box is clicked, the image comes to life and the sound of that particular visual—for instance a bird chirping or cars honking—is played.

The magic happens when the listener clicks many boxes at once, allowing them to explore multiple soundscapes at the same time. The sounds that were selected—a healthy mix of nature and industry—encourage the listener to reflect on how the industrial complex alters soundscapes of the natural environment. In particular, Conflicting Soundscapes encourages us to be more conscious of the noise pollution that we create as human beings.

The project was created with p5.js, a programming language intended for designers.