Thought Box

ThoughtBox is a simple, portable and interactive device that bookmarks conversations for the user when they tap on a side of the cube while hearing something that sparks their interest. It’s a small cube that can be placed in your pocket or on a keychain.

When the user is in a conversation and hears an interesting point, but does not want to interrupt the flow of the conversation, lecture or monologue – they tap on the cube and a ten second audio recording surrounding the conversation is saved. Key words from that moment are stored in the device. The next time that the user might be in the proximity of the speaker whom they bookmarked, ThoughtBox lightly vibrates to nudge the user to follow up from the moment the user had bookmarked.

The device displays the key-words that it had recorded on each face of the cube, helping to re-trigger the moment of connection or curiosity. At any given moment ThoughtBox can record 6 different instance of interesting conversation bytes. The team thoughtfully crafted this restriction to keep the product meaningful, relevant and easy to access.

ThoughtBox is a device that is specifically designed for new CIID students in mind, knowing that the CIID house is filled with people from all over the world who come from a wide variety of countries and backgrounds. Often times, it’s all too natural to hear something interesting or thought-provoking from a friend, peer or speaker but due to a busy schedule, or simply forgetting, the opportunity to follow up with them slips away.

The team explored this concept by role-playing a real-life scenario of two CIID students discovering something new about their professional and academic backgrounds. The team visualized the different layers of concepts that ThoughBox represents by threading together the inner-most layer of the basic concept of storing ideas in a box to the outermost layer of the real-life scenario of connecting with another person, on a physical display board. This exploration required strategic problem framing to understand how the genuine connections that are sparked between people can be enriched with a personal device.