For Interaction Design Foundations, the team was tasked to make an interactive product that eases the transition for people to moving to Copenhagen, and specifically, facilitates communication between people. The challenge—the product cannot be screen-based.

The team designed the concept “Ring-a-friend”—a wearable ring that allows users to reach out to other people in the area with a squeeze of a finger.

How does it work? If the user is lonely, they can simply press on the sides of the ring, which initiates the process of bringing people together. This sends out a signal for ten minutes; during this time-range, anyone who is wearing the ring and is within 1,500 meters is notified. If the receiver of the invitation accepts, they are guided by a navigational arrow on their ring. This directs them to the person who sent the signal.

The rings change colour—from black, blue, orange, red—indicating the distance between all parties wearing the ring.