Moving to a new country for education challenges people in unexpected ways. Rituals built around your previous life are no longer useful. People struggle to rebuild routines around basic activities like eating properly, communicating effectively, learning and playing regularly, especially if the environment is fast paced like CIID.

Nutripal is a wearable device that helps redirect focus towards your dietary habits in a busy environment by forming a much more intimate and interactive relationship with its owner. The device is set up to monitor your heart rate, sleep cycle and physical activities. It also tracks what and when you eat by analyzing your daily food expenses connected to mobile banking. This information is then combined to generate meaningful suggestions regarding healthy eating habits. Personified as a friend or a caring partner, Nutripal engages with its owner in a more intimate way through its relatable interface and dialogue. Inspired by Eva from Wall-e, a simple visual and voice interface is able to express a host of emotions from excitement to anger. This simulates a sense of conversation which keeps the user engaged rather than dismissing it as just another digital device.

A major challenge during the course was identifying the real problem around eating and then finding a metaphor that can help design a solution where the interactions with the device were meaningful and seamless.