All too often in the CIID studio, students forget to take much-needed breaks. A group, especially in the face of a deadline, tends to work too hard – often becoming stressed and unable to look at their work objectively. A small break – even just a moment of laughter – can help immensely to ease nerves and enable people to work more effectively. Lolly is a proposed solution to the problem of how to remind students – in a fun and playful manner – to take quick breaks so that they may return to their work with a fresh mind.

Lolly is your permanent team member – a small device that sits quietly on your desk to monitor you while you are working. She comes equipped with a microphone, 360o camera and a projector. She listens as you work, and when she detects laughter, she records video of you and stores it as a gif. If she notices you and your team have not laughed for one hour, she will project a gif on the ceiling of the last time each of your team members laughed.

She is designed with the metaphor of a surprise birthday party in mind – an unexpected reminder that indicates fun is about to follow. Since laughing at yourselves never grows old, she projects you in the familiar form of a Vine or Boomerang-esque gif. Her form of an emoji is meant to evoke a cheery playfulness that prevents her from seeming too much like an alarm clock.