Listening Light

In group discussions it’s natural for some to talk more and others to talk less. This is problematic in a team setting because each member’s voice and creative thoughts are crucial to the ideation process.

Current solutions are entrenched in the paradigm of noise – alarm clocks, timers, buzzers, countdown watches. These interruptions are distracting and disruptive to the flow of conversation. Listening light challenges this paradigm.

The design of Listening Light is informed by three key values:

Free groups to move and change shape

Ideation is a dynamic process, often requiring movement and improvisation. Speaking order is difficult to predict, as are movements.

Listening Light rotates towards and away from different speakers using voice recognition technology.

Equal speaking time to foster full team participation

Listening Light focuses on a new participant at a regular time interval.

Facilitate don’t interrupt

Listening Light increases and decreases in intensity using a light gradient. This creates natural transitions between speakers, maintaining the organic flow of conversation.