The CIID ark is an interactive multiplayer game projected onto a common surface designed to extract participation.

The focus of introduction to interaction design course was to familiarise the team with the process of developing interactive concepts. To this end, the team received a tailored brief oriented toward enhancing the experience of new students in the Interaction Design Programme, specifically by focusing on a designated theme : playing.

To kickstart the project, the team explored the context area of playing for new CIID students joining the CIID family. This led them to quickly realise that there was a lack of opportunities for members of CIID from different teams to engage in common activities.

The team explored solutions to prompt people in CIID to engage in a shared activity, using Bill Verplank’s eight-panel model to flesh out different ideas.

During this exploration, the team quickly landed on using the kitchen table as a playground after realising it was the central point of interaction for most people in the building. With this setting in in mind, an essential game mechanic became the  ability to always accommodate additional players; adapting as more players join into the game. And finally, an emphasis was laid on continuously bring more players to the table by rewarding points for every additional player.

The result of the process is the CIID Ark, a game projected on the massive table of the common kitchen. When the game starts, players can see the water slowly flooding the playground and are able to scan their fingers to onboard the ark. Points are earned for every participants making it to the Ark, inviting the players to constantly look for more people to get into the Ark in order to get a higher score, with extra bonuses for diversity. Meanwhile, the flood’s progression can be blocked by placing anything on the table, until the water finally overcomes.