The team’s brief was to design an interactive device or object related to their experience of moving to Copenhagen and adjusting to life at Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design. Copenhagen is one of the top ten most expensive cities in the world to live in. High expenses curtail a rich and meaningful experience during education. In addition, foreign currency rates and multiple snack rounds throughout the day make it tough for students to keep track of their spending habits.

Bill is an NFC enabled interactive printer which tracks your expenses by connecting to your smartphone’s payment method. With a single tap of your phone, it prints out your “bill” at the end of the day with details of the items bought and a visual chart of where money was spent. It vibrates as it prints your receipts and the vibration intensity increases with the increase of the transaction amount, facilitating a raise of consciousness in your spending. Bill doesn’t judge or force you to change your habits in ways that don’t feel natural. It simply makes you aware of your transactions in a friendly way so you can make the changes that best suit you.

Bill evolved from exploring the metaphor of a piñata, and the behaviour of hitting an object in order to receive a reward. As the project went on this morphed into the interaction of patting Bill on his head in order to scan your phone and present your transactions.