Window to the Future

In the act of speculating about the future, we change the future. Be it utopic or dystopic, imaginary versions for the future of society are common devices to translate our fears and aspirations about contemporary reality. Over a three week intensive dive into AR/VR, we designed a AR window to the future that reads the future of everyday objects and hints at the infinite possibilities that are embedded in a moment of time and place in space.

The interface aims to provide a framework for the future that is visualised and translates the affordance of the navigation of space around the object which leads to the materialisation of other futures.

Window to the future, was ideated and prototyped during the Immersive Experiences workshop by Jing Yu, Micol Galeotti and Sami Désir, at Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design (CIID) facilitated by James Tichenor and Joshua Walton.