The Haptification Manifesto – Mixed Reality

The paradigm of Haptification was born out of the suffocating limitations placed on the sense of touch by modern technology. Our fingers are bored and tired, looking for new sensations across these glass surfaces

At MANGO Labs (the Multisensory Applications Non-Governmental Organisation) we are exploring ways that we might bring a real sense of touch into Virtual Reality. Our experiments have to lead to us creating three ‘happs’ that imagine new interactions for well-known apps.

  1. In Tinder, as you reach out to touch a person, you’ll touch an alphonso mango freshly cut into the shape of a face. How does that make you feel?
  2. In Instagram, you rotate a crank through the infinity feed, with each clunk making you more and more aware of the effort you are exerting.
  3. As you rotate through the weather app you’ll feel the warm sun change to gusting winds and then change again to cold rain.


We are a fictional group making playful interactions under the influence of a strongly worded and serious mission statement. Designing through the extreme viewpoint of an eccentric science lab has allowed us to experiment in a critical yet light-hearted way, pushing the boundaries of what we might otherwise explore.

To find more about detailed documentation and the process, take a look at Medium article.