Imagine is a children’s storybook which allows kids to reimagine and create their own story endings through virtual play. Each page has a fiducial that can be tracked on a camera enabled device, which displays a virtual scene on the screen. 

Imagine lets children play with physical characters in the real world, while those characters simultaneously react to virtual objects on a screen and play certain animations. As the kid flips through the last page of the storybook of The Three Little Pigs, he is able to detach characters out of the page, which are fiducial trackers that display virtual characters on the screen. 

The scenes act as an imaginary playground for children to play with different scenarios by moving the fiducials around, whose positions inform the virtual ones. Subtle animations are triggered when the virtual characters collide with objects in the virtual space. These animations do not direct the story in anyway and are open to interpretation.

Kids can fully immerse themselves into the story and can create unique narratives through these interactions. Animations and scenes were created in Unity and Cinema 4D.