Augmented Apparel

In the very near future, mixed reality will seep into everyday life in various ways, not limited to gaming experiences or having to wear a headset in a particular context. People will integrate the use and interaction with augmented reality as much as smartphones and apps are integrated in daily life today.

We created Augmented Apparel, a brand of clothing that incorporates mixed reality in what we wear.

Augmented Apparel changes the way we interact with our clothes. Suddenly, we are able to see micro-interactions and objects moving right on our shirt sleeve. People are able to immerse themselves in play with the small augmented objects that appear on their shirt, which they can see by using their smartphones. There is a playful and captivating element to having augmented objects appear in different physical environments thereby constantly providing a different experience for the user, depending on where they might be located. A balloon floating on your shirt might feel different when you’re in a park versus when you might be walking around in a mall.

What we wear is an extension of our self-expression, and by adding augmented reality to our clothes, we hope to make experiencing augmented reality much more accessible and fun.

You can read more about our product and process in this article