Re.Store Crew is a goal-oriented documentation app that supports volunteer interviews in flood impacted regions, making it easier for the people on the ground to collect stories and record furniture needs of families whose homes have been devastated. Re.Store Crew feeds directly into Re.Store, a donor facing “furniture registry” app that gives users the ability to donate furniture to one randomly assigned flood-impacted family. The team created a Re.Store crew prototype, aiming to enhance to key components of the volunteer experience: Storytelling Tools to simplify their documentation process and gamification tools to encourage action and retention.


Key Features

  • Easy to follow templates for collecting their stories.
  • Unlock new volunteer levels by helping more families.
  • Set your own goals and track your progress.
  • Track the progress of your previous families’ donations.
  • Choose the locations and dates.


What’s Next 

The Re.Store team will be reaching out to non-profit partners and corporate sponsors, and carrying out a beta trial with flood volunteers.



The team was given a challenge to design an app which will adapt to changing climate conditions and its consequences, specifically water-related disasters and crises. After an initial desktop research, the team decided to explore opportunities in current methods of donating and volunteering — how might we humanize the way donors and volunteers contribute to help flood impacted communities?