Last August, almost a third of Bangladesh was under water due to flood devastations. The effects of climate change have profound implications, especially for those who live in rural communities. For many families, surviving these calamities is followed by the grueling reality of restoring agricultural livelihood – a process that takes a very long time.


GoatSend is an Android mobile app specifically for aid organization employees to help them assess flood-devastated farms in rural Bangladesh, keep track of which farms have been visited and assessed, and provide recommendations on the number of livestock that should be provided to farm owners for economic rehabilitation. The app is designed to be an internal organizational tool.

Process & Learnings

In following the brief of focusing on the issue of rising water levels due to climate change and zeroing in on solving a relevant problem, the team conducted extensive research on existing tools and technologies that are out there for crisis employees. After an opportunity for improvement was identified, the team conducted iterative rounds of paper prototyping. This helped in designing key screens and interactions to fully understand what would make for an experience that makes it easy for field workers to do their jobs in an efficient manner. The team used POP for the paper prototypes before moving to Sketch to iterate on the screens. Material Design was applied before pulling the screens into InVision to create a mid-fidelity prototype.