Copenhagen experienced severe flooding between 2010 and 2014 that cost the city millions of Euros in repairs. In response, the Danish government created a tool for local authorities called SURFF – Surface Flood Forecast. This tool combines weather forecasts and urban infrastructure data to warn the Danish Emergency Management Agency (DEMA) of flood risks, giving them enough time to prepare an emergency response.

In the context of Copenhagen’s increasingly uncertain future, the team focused on bringing SURFF to the city’s residents by designing a simple iOS app to streamline coordination and communication between residents and local agencies.

Bøje is a personalized flood management app that helps Copenhagen residents stay informed and take action by providing information and evacuation instructions in a comprehensive and timely way.

With Bøje, users can:

• Monitor flood levels within a time frame of six hours

• Assess flood risk for their home, work, or other locations

• Track the safety status of friends and family

• Receive a personalized evacuation plan using real-time location

The team imagines DEMA adopting Bøje as a critical tool for their emergency management strategy.


Prioritizing a primary user flow before developing secondary features of Bøje helped guide the team’s decisions.