Aqua Alta

High tide is a phenomenon that consists in particularly intense tide peaks that happen periodically in the Venetian Lagoon and which cause flooding in different parts of the urban area, specifically Venice. It frequently manifests between October and March, and with specific weather conditions where the wind blows and obstructs the normal water de-flux outside the lagoon.

In these occasions, despite the flood and its inconvenience, the life in the city must be able to run smoothly as on normal days. Aqua Alta is a navigation app that aims to reach that goal. It is designed to help the inhabitants of Venice, especially new residents that are not familiar with the city or the phenomenon, to optimize their mobility around the city in those times of the year.

In the main screen there is a clear and direct visualization of the main and most important information needed, the current level of flooding in the user’s location and its trend, the time of forecasted peak and the maximum level. With a simple interaction, it is also possible to see the forecast of the next 6 hours of weather and tide specific for that location. Furthermore, the app integrates a navigation system, which will suggest the best route, with different means of transport, according to the flooding conditions of the city, at the moment of commute.