अन्न-Data (anna-DATA) is a farm-planning app that lets farmers in the developing world make better decisions around growing crops by collecting and analyzing soil and weather conditions and presenting them in an easily understood way.

Climate change is currently manifesting itself in increased fluctuation of temperature and precipitation. This negatively impacts regular crop cycles and causes major economic losses for the farmers. The problem is made worse for farmers in the developing world, where access to updated weather information is limited and sparse. There is little help available to farmers in coping with the changing local weather and soil conditions.  Anna-data hopes to fill this gap. It relies on a network of local weather and soil stations, that collect and analyze data for particular regions and help determine which crops varieties may yield the best output, based on best agricultural practices.

Farmers are invited to add their field information. Based on their GPS location, the app determines the best crops to grow for the upcoming growing season and how to best manage them. Apart from tips on how to respond to changing conditions, it also gives suggestions on how to best maximize their output by establishing timelines and connecting them to relevant partners. The app was made for an android platform and kept light keeping in mind its user base where data speeds are limited to 2g connections.

The team went through several iterations to ensure a seamless user experience, and making sure that the information presented was easy to understand and interpret.