Fluid—Smart Coaster

Students and professionals who spend a lot of time in studio often lose track of their time and health. Smart Coaster is a reminder which encourages users to stay hydrated; it achieves this by initially calibrating the amount of water in a cup, by giving visual cues when the water hasn’t been taken for a certain period of time, and giving positive visual feedback when the user has drank enough portion of water. Smart Coaster uses a pressure sensor which is connected to LED strips, resulting in different animations with each interaction.

Once the coaster is set up, it first signals the user that it’s ready to perform calibration by turning one third of the lights from blue to green. The second third of the the coaster is responsible for calibrating an empty cup, turning from blue to green after the cup has been put down. The last third is responsible for a water-filled cup. Green circular waves indicate the success of calibration. Green linear waves are a positive feedback once a reduced amount of water has been put down on the coaster. Blue animation communicates that the water has stayed the same amount for a certain period of time, reminding the user to drink the content.

The project was made with Arduino and circuits in a 1-week workshop of basic physical computing.