Baöbaö is an interactive installation which responds to the presence of people nearby. Every unit has an adjustable range within which it detects stimuli kept in its vicinity. On detecting a stimulus it changes its shape and gives a bowing gesture by leaning towards the stimulus. Baöbaö uses a proximity sensor which works in coordination with a mechanical pulley. On detecting a stimulus the Arduino starts rotating a servo motor which is connected to the pulley and this results in the movement of the whole unit.

The outer surface of Baöbaö is made up of a translucent material with parallel slits which helps in generating various geometric light patterns around the unit. The patterns change as soon as the unit starts to take a different shape.

The team explored movement and shadows through giving life to a simple object. A series of these objects responding to human behavior, created a connected experience and gave the impression that Baöbaö had a personality of its own.