Sponders – an Open Recruiting Platform

Sponders is an open recruiting platform that allows for anyone to sign up, become a sponder and get rewarded for recommending the right candidates for the right jobs. The hiring companies provide the reward and the platform leverages each sponder’s reputation, field of expertise and their trusted network to find the right candidates. Each sponder’s reputation is influenced by the relevance of the candidates they submit for each specific role.  Through this system, hiring managers can rely on the sponder’s recommendations.

To achieve this Axel followed the interaction design process starting by researching the field of shared economies and the recruiting industry.  He interviewed external and internal recruiters, hiring managers and candidates across four diverse countries: Denmark, USA, Argentina and India.

Through this he found and refined his insights that would guide his process:

Networks have value and it can be shared with minimum friction.

Internal referrals programs within workforces, although effective, generate homogenous workspaces.

A strong reputation allows us to overcome the stranger danger bias.

In order to build a reputation the task needs to be repeated in time.

The current recruiting system incentivizes negative practices towards potential candidates.

He prototyped the experience with two three tech companies seeking for designers within Europe.  He created a website to host all the open roles and attached a referral bonus to each and shared it in a close social network of trusted and qualified designers. 5 candidates were submitted by 4 sponders, 3 were considered for interviews and 1 made it to the final round of interviews. Finally, he developed the UI for the app as well as the desktop platform for hiring manager, sponders and candidates to use.

You can reach out to Axel through: Email: axel@sponders.club, Phone: +45 5333 1873, Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/axel-jorgensen/