Nidra – Final Project

People in today’s world work under stressful atmosphere where competition is an unwritten norm. Professionals in fields like aviation, medical services, journalism, emergency services and few others are expected to deliver their best performance at unforeseen times. Lacking a foresightful perspective about the negative impact on the psychological and physiological levels due to prolonged erratic working schedules, professionals concede to substandard performance.

Technology has not evolved enough to recognise implicit signal of humans as machines do not have physical affordances to input them, or understand the state of the subject when the message is transmitted. My project, Nidra aspires to tinker with the idea of externalising one’s intrinsic emotion to a tangible output so that one can bring something invisible to light. Nidra is a portable radio which plays news based on the mood that it’s owner wake up with. Upon waking up groggily, it plays positive and happy news to alleviate their mornings to have a productive day in the office while in mornings with good mood, it plays news from all the categories. It logs the mood for a month and prints them out at each month’s end to introspect about their lifestyles, work-live balance and other factors to take informed decisions.