Elix – Final Project

Elix helps create a seamless patient doctor communication, and aims at connecting you to better self care.  It uses an ecosystem of digital services that work with an array of technologies available on your phone and smartwatch to develop a monitoring and tracking system that helps patients living with heart conditions live a more secure life. It uses the sensors on your smartwatch to measure ECG, heart rate, heart rate variability, breathing patterns, movement analysis alongside workout habits and further combines the data with behavioral analysis, natural language processing – combined with digital phenotyping and documentation abilities of the companion phone app to generate insights and prediction models to analyze the probability of next emergency case. It can empower the healthcare services to enable more timely interventions and enables you to keep a track of your own health thereby enabling a higher level of self care. Elix passively logs the data and it synthesises it in ways that is easy to interpret for patients and further helps with coping strategies.


My research included speaking with doctors, patients, danish citizens, expats, healthcare professionals and cardiologists. The insights from the interview informed me about the strain on the healthcare system and the challenges heart patients face on a day-to-day basis. Often times, heart patients visit their doctors after large interval between appointments and don’t have a good overview about the true nature of their condition. Additionally, it becomes overwhelming to re-call their symptoms, and most patients aren’t able to keep a tab on small variations in their health over time, and thereby lack a good overview.


Scheduling appointments isn’t consistent as only a few doctors have an online booking system. This compounds the friction further as patients aren’t always sure of the severity of the situation. This led me to start brainstorming about ways in which patients could log their own data. A platform that is focused on collecting infrequent and nuanced data could help patients have a more holistic outlook towards their rehabilitation treatment. The ability to have your doctor be aware of your health and get notified with detailed reports can be a huge step forward towards a more efficient patient – doctor relationship.


Another compelling aspect of the app is the ability to record how your treatment is affecting your mental wellbeing. Besides reminding the patients to take their medication it also prompts them to track their mood. This could help them communicate with their doctors in a more meaningful way. Their interactions with the healthcare services could be augmented by the self tracking of their moods and the medication habits.


Lastly, the app was designed to look approachable – almost like a fitness app. I wanted to steer away from the app looking very medical as there are already a lot of apps out there that are visually in that realm. I also wanted the aesthetic to look motivating, friendly and fresh. Bright colors were used so that people get habituated to the color coding, and over time read the information faster.


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