When you feel stuck with a problem, who do you turn to?

Bind is a support network that connects people based on life experience. The focus lies in everyday problem solving–Bind helps people through tough times by matching them with a mentor who has experienced a circumstance similar to theirs. The service helps people who don’t have a strong social network or simply need an outside opinion.

The service targets two groups–mentees and mentors. The target group for mentees are people who are experiencing life-changes and need some additional support. 

A distinguishing feature of this service is the immediacy of connection. Mentees input their problem and then a call is sent out to all suitable mentors–the first one who picks up is connected to them. Mentors input what they are willing to help with and when they are available to take calls. Following a call, both profiles will be added to each other’s lists if they approve, and the mentee will be able to schedule another session with the mentor or simply connect with another one anonymously.

The service provides genuine human connection and immediate social support for anyone who needs an ear to listen.