#Selfie Footprint

Do our social media habits effect the planet?

This question was the starting point of #Selfie Footprint, an inquiry into the environmental cost of taking selfies, presented as Interactive Data Visualization for the web.

The compilation of the dataset presented multiple challenges. Given the impossibility to find a comprehensive numeric representation of all the selfies uploaded and shared on the internet every day, we adopted the data collected by the Times in 2014 about the Selfiest Cities in the World. Subsequently multiple sources were considered to estimate an average consumption of energy required to shoot and upload a Selfie through a wireless network.

Lastly, to provide a more intelligible reference to gauge the impact of the selfies, two more elements were included in the dataset: the number of cups of coffee that is possible to produce with the same expense of energy, and the amount of metric tons of CO2 emission per capita produced in every country, to account for the different source of energy and infrastructures.

On the graph, each city is represented by a dot of a different colour, according to the geographical region of that city. The horizontal distribution along the X axis is derived from the amount of selfie taken in the city, while the vertical distribution is relative to the amount of CO2 per capita produced in that country. The size of each circle represents the environmental impact of the selfies taken in that city.

By hovering on the circles it is possible to visualize a summary of the kg of CO2e, and the equivalent amount of cups of coffee.

Code available on GitHub.