Electric Whip

On November 14th 2015, Chicago drill rapper Chief Keef released Finally Rollin 2, the 18 track mixtape contained 10 references to his newly purchased BMW i8. Chief Keef was and still is a frontrunner in the field of rapping about electric and hybrid vehicles. In order to do a proper analysis of this phenomena, the team took to Genius.com in order to track down every reference that had ever been made about the Tesla, i8, and Prius.

This analysis required that the team, with no prior experience, dive head first into understanding and applying Genius’s API. Sifting through the API eventually output a CSV file with release dates, page views, and other useful data.

The biggest learning from this project was how long data collection and ‘cleaning’ can take. More time was spent on the front end of the project collecting and understanding the actual data, which was a little unexpected.