Electric Flow Visualization

Demand for electricity grows in proportion to a nation’s modernity and economy. Because electricity can not be easily stored – electrical utility companies must predict the usage for each cycle and generate the necessary kilowatts for their constituents. A net neutral or positive electrical flow is a strong indicator of healthy infrastructure and planning in a country.

As electrical imports and exports must be run through power lines to be worthwhile, trade is constrained between neighbors. For the data visualization brief, the team focused on electrical consumption, import and export totals per year as a litmus of each country’s growth and interdependence with its neighbors.

Data for the visualization was scraped from three sources; the UN data bank, World Bank and CIA world fact book. The radial graph was developed using the D3.js library and modified to fit the data. The interaction is a simple scrolling timeline was built in javascript – scrolling was chosen as the easiest interaction on both desktop and mobile. Finally, HTML/CSS were used to construct the surrounding structure.