Supervised Machine Learning Trainer 3607A

Maintaining the future smart city with the Supervised Machine Learning Trainer 3607A

In the near future, cities are filled with smart infrastructure such as decentralized security cameras, self-sorting trashcans and intelligent street lights. But who do you call when smart things breaks? The future smart city is not a sci-fi dystopia made out of glass, concrete, and job stealing robots. It’s place much like our own and filled with the banality of everyday life and mundane jobs. Regardless of how you imagine the future smart city, someone needs to get in their white van, take out their ladder, and fix broken things.

The SMLT 3607A or Supervised Machine Learning Trainer is a tool for the future city maintenance worker. He/she can use the SMLT to interface with abnormally behaving smart infrastructure such as a surveillance camera identifying people as eggplants. He/she can retrain the smart camera by recording new examples in real time. The future maintenance worker will teach the camera what it’s seeing and curator the training dataset. He/she will help the camera learn the difference between people and objects and decide who should be classified as an upstanding citizen or a petty criminal.