Shelf Help

Smart technology isn’t about tools that do the work for us, it’s about tools that work with us. DITT (Do It Together Technology) is a suite of open-source tools designed to take the tedium out of carpentry and empower people in their own home. DITT has reduced the time small carpentry jobs take by 86%, reducing the cost of labour by 76% and freeing carpenters up to work with customers on a more proactive and creative basis.

Shelf Help is a consumer-friendly digital chalk line and blueprint augmentation. Shelf Help will work with you to put up a shelf, offering full personalisation in the app and layered instructions on any surface where you will be working.

The tool consists of two core parts:

An intelligent projector which maps instructions and measurements on to the wall, tracking your gestures through an infrared depth sensor. The projector can be rented from a physical maker centre or through the DITT website and then delivered to your home.

An app that allows you to select materials and order the parts online, as well as recording all DIY work in the home so you can keep an archive of maintenance work in the house.

Shelf Help supports the planning and assembly phases of putting up a shelf:

  • Planning includes projecting measurements and running a wall analysis to help the user identify the best space to drill holes and support weight
  • Assembly includes projecting instructions when materials have been ordered and the shelf kit has been delivered to the home.