StoryThread – Videoprototyping

During the week of video prototyping we were asked to take the concept we developed during our two weeks of research and storyboard and shoot a video explaining the core of our idea. Our concept, StoryThread, was a platform that allowed people of all generations to take part in collaborative story making via devices spread out across the city.
The model we followed to create our video was called the storytelling triangle. The triangle attempts to break down a concept into its key components — what is this about, what is it really about, and what is the bedrock. With that model in mind we set out to create a story focused on human connection and how storytelling can be that connector.
Our story revolves around a character whose life is relatively mundane. One day he hears voices emanating from the corner of the station. Slowly he starts to understand that this story was created by the people around him. The box starts to affect his routine, everyday before his train he listens to the story. Eventually he decides to add his piece to the story displaying his new found connection with the people around him.
The story attempts to show how both listening to and creating a story can make people feel a part of something larger as well as how stories can be an effective way to share perspective.