FutureWise – Storytelling & Video Prototyping

FutureWise is a service concept that came out of a collaboration with the Balthazar Research group of elderly people during the People Centred Research course. The service aims to help individuals transition into retired life while involving their friends and family. Individuals signed up to FutureWise will get support to make plans and set goals for retirement. The service app can also act as a day planner and generate personalised recommendations based on the retiree’s goals. Friends and family can take part in the service as well by sharing recommendations and volunteering to buddy up with the retiree.

Telling the story

To tell the story well, we had to understand the heart of what we wanted to tell. We began by identifying the story “bedrock” – the emotional, human truth that underlies it – and went on to create a rough storyboard for the video prototype on post-its. We then identified key props, locations and individuals who would become a part of the video shoot. We chose to keep key service interactions lo-fidelity so as to ensure that the story being told remained crisp and clear.