viibes is a service that connects young people in Copenhagen to what’s happening in the city. In doing so, viibes increases the number of places young people can claim as their own and enhances their mobility around the city.

The landing page of the service is a heat map of Copenhagen. On this map, circles represent density of people hanging out in a given area. By clicking on a circle cluster at a specific location, a video stream pops up showing various perspectives of the event as well as detected music being played nearby. Filters can be applied to this map exposing where your friends are, what transport options are nearby or which events are indoor in the case of bad weather.

viibes for Business is a unique go to market strategy. viibes plans to work with small business around the city by distributing a device that comes equipped with both a camera and a speaker. These devices will capture 10 second increments of moments that it detects as high energy and help these businesses become instant hot spots on the map which help them attract customers while helping viibes reach a larger audience.

viibes was developed over a 3 week period in which over 50 interviews were conducted. A variety of research approaches were implemented including in-depth interviews, guerrilla interviews, analogous interviews, and empathy experiences. Many phases of iteration and co-creation were conducted to tailor the service and it’s touch points to the users.