Thought Log

Thought Log is a self dialogue app that lets users organise, re-visit and synthesis the various quick thoughts they have throughout the day.

To organize thoughts, users begin by creating and self-defining a thought dialogue where a group of related thoughts can be collected. These dialogues appear as conversation threads with each thought and its time stamp appearing sequentially. Each dialogue created can be re-accessed and contributed to through thumbnails on the home screen. This list is in order of recency with the last updated dialogue appearing highest in the list. Users can search for a specific dialogue using the search bar or use the sorting feature for filtering thoughts.

The core interaction of the app is the filtering feature at the bottom of the screen. The bar represents the time scale from which you joined the app to the current time. By toggling the two buttons to select different time scales, thoughts are filtered to only show streams updated within that time. This allows users to reflect upon which thoughts they were having during a given time period.

The focus of this project was to iterate on the core interaction of the application and learn a new prototyping tool, Origami, to prototype applications at high fidelity.