Story Thread: Experience Prototyping

Experience prototyping – Story Thread
Three prototypes were built to test the research insight from the previous weeks. The insight was that Story Telling can be used for connecting people between generations. In the prototypes shown here, participants were prompted to add to a part of the story that were built by others.

Day 1: Story Zone
In the first day, the concept of Story Telling was tested through two mediums: oral and written. In oral story telling, participants sat around a circle and engaged in collaborative story telling by adding to a piece of the story told by the previous person.
In the second test, participants now had to write each part on a sticky note. This was done on a small piece of foam board having a picture that laid out the theme. It was then tested at the harbor in Nyhavn, people started interacting and adding their own parts to continue the story.

Day 2: Story Thread (Physical and Digital)
In the second day, two different stories were tested out with the public using 2 pictures. This was tested in three locations around Kongens Nytorv. Moreover, a Facebook page had also been created that would allow the participants to see how the story progressed. Significant learnings were obtained in terms of choosing locations, pictures for stories and overall design.

Day 3: Story Thread (Audio)
In the third day, the medium of the entire concept was adapted to audio. Here, the stories were now being played through a wireless bluetooth speaker concealed in a board. Participants would be able to listen to the story through the speaker and if they wished to add to it, they could do so by recording their voice.

Each of the prototypes provided significant learnings and overall helped in showing that written stories were much preferred over audio based ones.