FutureWise – Experience Prototyping

Rapid experience prototyping week challenged the team to revisit and further explore the concepts conceived during the Video Prototyping week. The concept developed was supported by the insights gathered during our research and interaction with experts and people in Generation 01 and 02. Over the course of four days, the team developed quick yet convincing prototypes to test experiences for the various touch points of the service concept.


FutureWise is a service that supports the elderly transition through a milestone change (retirement) by setting goals for the future while involving friends and family.

Our starting point

The previous week helped us narrow down to a few key moments of the service which we needed to test through rapid experience prototypes. We had a couple of questions that started us off in the process:

  • Is planning a useful strategy that would lead to a smooth transition through a life change?
  • How much support is required during the planning process?
  • Do people look for recommendations to help them with their planning?

Process and learnings

In order to challenge some of our assumptions, we prototyped a few experiences with respondents we had already engaged with during our research. The biggest challenge during the prototyping process was understanding how to condense a service experience that would take place over a couple of years into a prototype that one could experience for only a few minutes or hours. This led the team to try prototyping individual ‘moments’ of the service as opposed to one complete experience. From these various ‘moments’ that we prototyped, one of our most valuable insights was that people need to shift their thinking to dreams and aspirations in order to get excited about their future. The learnings helped us move the stance of the service from being a goal-oriented to an aspirations-oriented planner.

Our latest iteration

For the latest experience prototype, the team continued to build on the aspirations planner. For this prototype, we nudged people into thinking about a dream they would like to accomplish and commit themselves to achieving within a specific timeframe. In the end, this prototype served two purposes:

  1. To get people to think about a dream/ life goal and seed the idea of planning in order to achieve it
  2. To on-board to the services offered by FutureWise