Cards to Save Humanity – Evolving the Game

Associated Projects / Game Background:

Research to inform the game.

Video storytelling to explain the concept.

Our initial research suggested people avoided conflict / debate and though people seemed initially awkward with the dynamics of the game, we discovered that they very quickly warmed up! Before testing the game with external groups of people, we believed it necessary to evolve the game mechanic to include a clear outcome and round time, but in most cases, the discussion continued even after we’d declared the game over!

We’d intended to create a solution primarily for families, but in testing – the game proved popular in cafes, bars and at school with our peers, especially once we introduced a more rapid switch out of action cards and plus-one points – that players could award to each other.

Creating a fun and safe forum for debate has seemed very successful, with our players relishing the chance to explore discussion that was difficult in their own environments.

We explored multiple iterations of the game, including:

  • Allowing “supporters” to choose a role
  • Giving supporters specific roles in the argument
  • Creating actions that apply to all players
  • Creating actions that apply to a specific player
  • Varying the number of action cards
  • Giving players actions that they can choose when to play
  • Giving players actions that they can assign to others
  • Randomly assigning action cards to players
  • Assigning action cards at timed intervals
  • Including a dice to determine move
  • Removing dice and relying on clockwise turns for players
  • Including less serious topics
  • Including more serious topics
  • Inviting players to choose topics
  • Using global and local topics
  • Assigning points to players
  • Letting players award points to each other
  • Including the additional roles of “anecdote” and “metaphor” (players must respond in these styles)
  • Hats for the defender and opposer of the argument