Tune Your Feed

Tune Your Feed is an audio player that invites people to listen to their social media feed instead of spending numerous hours on screens.

Inspired by the radio, Tune Your Feed gives the user a different experience of social media by making it pure audio. It collects the user’s social media feed from the last 24 hours and reads them aloud.

The user can personalise what he or she wants to hear by selecting or creating new filters that will play feeds from profiles, groups, pages and more. These filters, which come in the form of coloured acrylic blocks, can be written on and pushed to snap into place.

By using resistors as voltage dividers, each combination of blocks sends specific values to a computer through an Arduino. These values would trigger feeds with the corresponding combinations to be played through Processing.

By filtering out social media noise and playing only what matters, Tune Your Feed encourages the user to consider his or her browsing habits and spend more time in the present.