Encouraging Sustainable Behaviour, One Wash at a Time.

Physical Computing & Connected Devices with Massimo Banzi and Dario Buzzini gave the students the cance to further increas their knowledge in coding and electronics and also to think about the packeging of prototypes as a way to support the functionality. The topic of the class was Swich-o-rama, redesigning existing interfaces found in a houshold.

ØKO is a washing machine interface that negotiates the tension between convenience and sustainability by encouraging environmentally friendly washing behaviors. Depending on the size of your input load, the machine presents or withdraws the setting turn-switches, making it more comfortable to configure if washing a full load. The machine’s default option is ECO, accommodating the most environmentally-friendly spin cycle (RPM), time and temperature. If the user chooses to override the ECO-setting, by increasing temperature and spin cycle, or decreasing time, the machine withdraws the other turn-switches, making them harder to reach. The higher efford required to wash at an unsustainable setting increases awarness without completly removing the option.