Seeing Through Artefacts

Over the course of 2 weeks, the Balthazar Group and CIID students collaborated in exploring how meaningful intergenerational exchange could be designed. Starting with the topic of legacy, young adults (20-30 year olds) and retired people (60-70 year olds) were engaged in the research.

Interviews were conducted with individuals at their home and work settings. Using timeline and relationship mapping tools as conversation pieces, these individuals were asked about the value they placed on legacy and what it meant to them.

From the insights gathered, the topic transitioned from legacy to questions of identity and how that is embraced in daily routines. Three service design concepts were generated from the key insight: “A new routine is a way to create a new identity.”

The concepts were tested with target users, including the Balthazar Group, during co-creation sessions. The chosen concept “Seeing Through Artefacts” illustrates how a person who has experienced a sudden routine change may use the service to connect with someone with a similar experience.