City Symphony — Research

How do elderly people and young adults learn about different cultures?

Partnering with members of The Balthazar group, we took two weeks to research to understand the different ways and motivations of how retired people and young adults learn about different cultures.

To get a deeper insight in this topic we conducted four in depth interviews with young adults as well as elderly people and experts in the field of intergenerational activities and events at the Copenhagen Central Library. Trying to really figure out the ways and motivations of how people learn about different cultures and how they share their own culture, using different tools as image mapping and personal objects to get a better understanding of the fundamental motivations.

Two of the most noteworthy insights where people can feel a sense of community in a public space, without direct interaction and that commonalities of culture help people empathise and reflect on their own culture. From those two insights we formulated the how might we question: How might we foster a multicultural community identity through adding to the urban environment in Copenhagen? Which we used during concept ideation and co-creation with elderly from the Balthazar Group.

For three of our ideas we created storyboards and early prototypes to test some assumptions with people. In Experience Prototyping and Video Prototyping we took one of the concepts further, tested different parts of it and reshaped it.

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